Russian Roulette Water Balloon Game

Russian Roulette Water Balloon Game
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Are you looking for a party game that is exciting and hilarious at the same time?

Meet the Russian Roulette Water Balloon revolver game (Amazon link). It’s like Russian Roulette, but instead of using bullets, it uses water balloons. Unlike authentic Russian Roulette, no deaths will occur, but there might be a mess.

Have the players seated at a table ala the Deer Hunter, and then each person will take the loaded balloon gun and place it over their head. Those players with nerves of steel will pull the trigger. If nothing happens, pass the gun to the next person. If the balloon pops, you get to laugh hysterically at your friend.

There are no actual rules to the game other than having fun and use your imagination. However, the person with the driest pants is deemed the winner. Either from not getting wet from the popped balloon or from not peeing their pants in laughter.

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