6 Retro Gifts For Him

retro man typing
Are you racking your brains for a gift for a guy? Gift ideas for men can be difficult to think of unless you think “retro”. There are countless, fascinating souvenirs from past generations to delight your husband, boyfriend, brother or dad, and if choosing for your granddad, some will bring back childhood memories. Here are six retro gift ideas to look into:

1. Vintage toy cars

Go back in time to the Austin Mini of the 1960’s and many models from before, in miniature. You’ll find detailed models of the very earliest designs, scaled down to matchbox size, on the vintage toy car web pages.

Your lucky man will be tickled to have a toy car to steer around his desk, especially a fine, vintage one. Prices vary according to quality and rarity, with wide variations, so check before choosing.

2. Old comic magazines

Comic books
If your man is a lover of comic strips, humorous magazines or comedy in general, he’ll appreciate a bunch of early Beano or Batman magazines, or just one if it’s a rarity.

Find out which were his favourite comic magazines as a kid, or just pick one or two of the oldest, quaintest and most affordable ones you come across. This will really be a gift with a difference.

3. “Golden Oldies” pop records

Vintage records for sale on ebay
If the chap you’re buying for has an old record player, he’d be glad an old record by a 1960s or ’70s pop group to play on it. Check what records he has already and which are his favourite groups or singers from the past, and seek out a suitable addition to his collection.

For wider and cheaper options, or to accommodate modern technology, buy him a DVD version.

4. Vintage aircraft model kit

If your guy is the restless type, give him something to do. A miniature aircraft kit will keep him busy for hours. Choose between fighter jets, helicopters and more from early warplane designs.

Battleship kits are also available, along with various other antiquated vehicles. As with all retro items, prices vary, so check out all the options for a gift to suit your budget as well as his taste.

5. Classic, old comedy film

Some of the earliest comic movies remain as popular as ever today. Treat your man to a hilarious Laurel and Hardy or Charlie Chaplain film, or pick another comedy star from that great, slapstick era.

The timeless humour will keep him chuckling all through. But if you think a World War epic drama or a classic, Hitchcock thriller would go down even better, you’ll be spoilt for choice in those departments, too. Try to find out, without giving the game away, where his preferences lie in old movies, and which ones he has already.

6. Bowler hat

man in bowler hat

A hat can do a lot for a man’s image, and a genuine, old bowler hat from the 1940s or ’50s will look really cool. Your gentleman will be tickled by this rare and stylish gift – and he’ll look a very fine one in it, too.

Take a look at other archaic headwear, such as the still-popular flat cap, the village trilby and the imposing top hat, for a wider choice. Vintage hats don’t come cheap as a rule, but scour the catalogs and you’ll find something affordable in this line too.

You’ll find plenty more rare and charming gift ideas on the retro and used item sites, among others. Retro gifts are intrinsically special, and a special man deserves a special gift.

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