Phone Sanitizer

Cell Phone Sanitizer

I have heard that your cell phone has more germs than a toilet set. Well, that person has never been in the Quick Stop on Hwy 231. Ewww.

In this day and age, with the Corona virus, swine flue, SARS, etc., etc., all these diseases floating around maybe we should try to practice more cleanliness.

Enter the phone sanitizer, by Phone Soap. Cleaning your phone is simple. You pause TikTok for a few minutes, place your phone inside the cradle, shut the door and it gets blasted with UV light. Killing the bacteria and funk on your phone, maybe giving it a tan too.

It even has an acoustic amp that allows you to listen to music while it sunbathes.

Check it out ( 80.00 )
The phone sanitizer is like a tanning bed for your phone.

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