Non-Creepy Office Valentines Gifts

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Valentine’s Day – it’s that wonderful time of the year when Cupid pulls out his quiver of arrows and takes aim at our hearts and our cubicles.

If you find yourself smitten with a coworker, here are some suggestions on how to demonstrate some interest without triggering an intervention by HR and upper management.

1. Village Naturals Therapy Mineral Bath Soak

Mineral Bath Soak

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Show your coworker you care by letting her indulge in a relaxing bath that will help reduce stress and provide a calming end to the day. These mineral salts come in three varieties (detail on Amazon) and will allow your secret crush a full month of relaxing and soothing baths.

2. Silver Hip Flask Set

hip flask

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A flask is a great option (detail on Amazon) to show your office crush that you recognize how sophisticated he is. Your guy will relish the looks he receives while brandishing his flask and he’ll have only great thoughts about the wonderful person who gifted it to him.

3. Cassette Tape USB Stick Flash Drive

Cassette tape USB drive

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Maybe you’re old enough to remember the 1980s. But if not, we used to make mixed tapes to show people we cared. You can do the same for your secret crush now but with a USB drive instead of tape (detail on Amazon). Be sure to add in some of your crush’s favorite tunes as well as your own.

4. Livilan Silk Phalaenopsis Flower Arrangement

silk orchids

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Flowers are a standard for Valentine’s day but if you’re trying to keep your admiration on the DL, a silk flower may be a great option (detail on Amazon). Orchids are exotic but difficult to grow. This silk flower ensures that she’ll be able to enjoy it worry free.

5. Nautilus Paperweight

nautilus paperweight

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Paperweights are a necessity but they can also be beautiful and dress up any office environment. This gorgeous nautilus paperweight will be a great conversation piece and your secret crush will be thrilled with this thoughtful gift.

6. Urban Map Glass

map glassIs your secret crush a connoisseur of spirits? If so, this rocks glass will be a great gift. Etched with a map of some of our country’s greatest cities, this glass is sure to become a favorite.

And if you don’t live in one of the cities listed, feel free to choose one that he dreams of visiting or perhaps has already made great memories there.

7. Man Bar Soap Set

man bar soap
Men aren’t the only ones that are serious about skin care.

Give your secret crush this three-pack of skin care bars that are sure to revitalize and hydrate his rugged skin.

8. Turkish Inspired Hand Woven Travel Jewelry Roll

travel jewelry wrap
Women love their jewelery and they love being able to keep it organized and safe as well.

If your secret crush is all about the bling she will love this jewelry pouch with a beautiful ribbon to keep her jewelry secure while traveling.

9. Retro Vinyl Coasters

retro vinyl record coasters

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If your secret crush has a love of music, these retro coasters may be the perfect gift (detail on Amazon). These throwback coasters are made to look like classic LPs and are sure to be a great conversation piece.

10. Classic Tea Variety Gift Box

tea gift box

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True tea lovers are fascinated by all the different flavors and options of tea from around the world. If your crush is fond of having a cuppa, this assortment of teas (detail on Amazon) will bring them weeks of enjoyment. Maybe they will even ask you to join in one afternoon!

11. The Original “If You Can Read This” Funny Socks

funny socks

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These wine socks are a classic and now come in other options such as chocolate and coffee. This is a perfect low-key gift (detail on Amazon) for a secret crush that has a great sense of humor and an equally great love of wine!

12. Hunter Jack Beard Grooming Kit

beard grooming kit

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Beards are back in fashion and men take their grooming very seriously. If you’ve got a thing for a man with a beard, get him this grooming kit (detail on Amazon) so that he can keep that facial hair smooth and polished. You know you’ll appreciate it too.

13. YOOHA Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

infuser water bottle

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Hey, it’s Valentine’s Day and a lot of folks are still working hard to keep those New Year’s resolutions. Show your secret crush your support with this great fruit infuser water bottle (detail on Amazon). Pair it with some lemons and limes when you present it and revel in the show of thanks and appreciation for such a thoughtful gift.

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