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Frog Eye Sleeping Mask

Frog Eye Sleeping Mask
This Yoda-esque Frog Eye Mask will assist in helping you catch some much needed zzz's along with making you look like the swamp creature you truly are inside.

Mystery Box

Mystery Box choose your product type
Surprise someone you love (and yourself!) with this mystery box. There could be a cured ham in there or a dirty fork. Aren't you dying to find out???

Ray Gun Nose Trimmer

futuristic sci-fi gun nose trimmer
Are your dad's nose hairs branching out towards his eyelids? If so, this futuristic nose hair trimmer will blast them into oblivion.

Edible Insects

Ready to delve into some entomophagy? Whatever you're thinking, that's not it! It's eating insects you silly goose.