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Adult Tricycle

Adult Beer Keg Tricycle
Here is the adult version of the ice cream man from your childhood. Now you can bring the party with you.

BBQ Dining Boat

Dining Boat with built in grill
You and nine of your best friends can grab the charcoal, kebab skewers and tool around the lake in style.

39 Foot Yurt

Yurt interior
Looking to stop paying rent? Then add a little Eastern flavor to your housing with this 39-foot Yurt.

Hot Tub Boat

The Hot Tub Boat
It may not be a time-machine but that doesn't mean you can't have a weekend to remember with this crazy hot tub boat!

Emperor Work Environment

futuristic work chair
Do you work from home? Maybe you just enjoy losing yourself while surfing the internet or playing computer games. No matter what, you want to feel comfortable while doing so.