Flower Bloom Tea Variety Pack

Flower Bloom Tea Variety Pack
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Blooming green tea flowers make an excellent and exciting gift for tea lovers. The flowers taste delicious, smell wonderful, and they put on a pretty awesome show.

Brew tea with these flowering teas and watch the show begin.

You’ll see pretty flowers come to life in your cup or glass teapot right before your eyes. Twelve flowering teas are provided in an attractive-looking canister.

So even if you don’t have a green thumb, you can have some flowering green tea.

You will have to start growing your own flowers or or just buy this awesome variety set.

There are twelve selections of aromatic, flavorful, and beautiful flowering teas. The gift set includes a canister to hold the flowering teas.

Blooming tea is an excellent gift idea for any occasion for anyone who has only experienced boring old regular tea.

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