33 Fun Christmas Gift Ideas for Friends (And You Can Afford All of Them)

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In an ordinary year, your search for fun holiday gifts for your friends might not generate as much enthusiasm on your part, but 2020 was no ordinary year!

Time to think outside the gift box and since you already know your friends better than most, consider this year’s shopping expedition yet another excellent way to have fun as you social distance.

You already know that gifts don’t have to be expensive to delight your recipients, so show your posse that you love and treasure them more than they know by choosing from our recommended list of fun gift ideas — especially since everyone in your universe likely needs a reason to laugh and feel grateful as this holiday season approaches.

1: Otter Tape Dispenser

Mineral Bath Soak

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Do you have friends who love wildlife so much, their office spaces are decorated with animal memorabilia? They will fall in love with this Otter Tape Dispenser by Streamline (Amazon link). Sporting a low price tag, you really otter get a couple.

2: Custom Photo Playing Cards

Custom photos deck of cards
Shutterfly would be delighted to put a photo of your gift recipient (or perhaps her cat) on an official deck of playing cards for less money than Grandma wages at her bridge table every Wednesday (10 bucks).

3: Make your friend a star.

Star Registry gift pack
Literally. Visit the Star Register site and for $35, snag a deluxe star kit that allows you to name a celestial body after someone you care about. A personalized PDF certificate comes with this “out of this world” gift and the star will be searchable in the Official Registry of Stars.

4: Food for thought.

One-Pan Cookbook

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What better way to tell a guy in your life that his cooking skills could stand improvement than buy purchasing a copy of the newly-released One-Pan Cookbook for Men (Amazon link). There are 100 single-skillet recipes in this collection and since this paperback costs only $15, your budget won’t take a hit.

5: Task Coupon Book

homemade coupon book
Make a task coupon book on your computer for a friend using these WikiHow instructions: https://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Coupon-Book-for-Tasks. Create coupons for jobs your friend would most appreciate help with. Any type of printer paper will do, so why not use up stock you’ve been eager to get rid of?

6: Create a movie-themed gift basket

Movie gift basket
Fill it with items from the local dollar store to thrill the movie fan in your life. Need help deciding what to put inside your basket after selecting movie candy and bags of microwave popcorn? Visit this Pinterest page and feel free to steal all of the ideas.

7: Meditation candles

zen meditation candles
Help a harried friend deal with stress by sending her this trio of soy candles that come with an affordable $23 price tag. Alternately, select three close friends and give each of them one candle to wish them happy holidays.

8: Give your techie friend the charge of his life

One-Pan Cookbook

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By wrapping up a high-capacity solar recharger unit (Amazon link) so he won’t run out of power to recharge his cell phones. Expect a thank you call in return for your $46 investment.

9: Giant Yard Dice

Large Yard Dice Game
What are the odds that your friends will find this giant yard dice game to be just what the doctor ordered? Fun and inexpensive at just $20, your friend can play indoors if the weather gets iffy.

10: Personalized beer openers

custom photo bottle opener
These bottle openers are likely to be prized by friends who love a good beer more than most. Pair this handy opener with a 6-pack of his or her favorite brew to create an affordable present that is likely to be more appreciated than most. You can afford to give both since the opener only runs $5.

11: Dishtowels that are both funny and punny.

Funny Dish Towels
Delight your wine-drinking friends who find puns to be as irresistible as a good Merlot by giving them a set of 6 dishtowels guaranteed to delight. At just $12, you may have to treat yourself to one, too (https://www.pinterest.com/pin/542120873900827264/).

12: Coconut bowls

Organic coconut bowl
These sustainably-sourced bowls are beautifully repurposed from coconut shells that have been cut, cleaned, sanded and finished with a food-grade organic, virgin coconut oil. An ideal gift for friends who worry about the future of our planet. They’re less than $10 each, so why buy just one?

13: Personalized cheese board

Custom cutting board
Come up with a clever saying or just personalize an affordable round or rectangular piece that gives your friend the perfect gift for entertaining. You don’t have to tell them that you only spent $22.50 to have this handy board personalized and crafted just for them.

14: The gift of a glass photo

Glass photo of a dog
Give this instead of the usual frame that has been your fall back in the past. Made to order within the confines of a small Florida workshop, choose a photo your friend loves, pick the size that fits your budget and that image will be sealed in glass forever for as little as $17.

15: Herb Kit

herb garden kit
Spice up the life of your favorite apartment dweller with a $19 herb starter kit that, once planted, can begin to produce herbs in just a couple of weeks. This box is literally all your friend needs to get started – including a how-to guide.

16: Wishing Ball.

Glass Wishing bowl
Glass artist Jill Davis listened to friend’s wishes. Their conversations prompted an idea to create a hand-blown blue glass wishing bowl that sells for just $32. Each bowl comes with 52 slips of paper ready to capture your friend’s weekly wish or words of gratitude.

17: Eyeglass Holder

wooden eyeglass holder carved in the shape of a bird
This $28 songbird eyeglasses holder was made for the friend who keeps asking where she put her glasses (Your answer: “They’re on your head, girlfriend!”). Carved in India from a single piece of sheesham wood, this Fair Trade bird will be treasured now and “in the foreseeable future”!

18: Etched Bracelet

One-Pan Cookbook

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Select a sentimental cuff bracelet that tells your friend or loved one exactly how you feel about her by etching a sentiment into the bracelet (Amazon link). Pick more than one from his collection of wrist bands that run between $6 to $16.

19: Doggie lunch bag

One-Pan Cookbook

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Ordinary lunch boxes? Not for your friend’s pooch. This clever take-out carrier (Amazon link) doesn’t cost a lot and features a zipper enclosure. The water-resistant liner makes sure leftovers make it home in good shape every time your friend dines out.

20: Caviar Kit

Caviar Gift Set
(https://www.zabars.com/caviar-kit/C11011J.html). He’ll have to buy his own caviar but everything else your friend needs to eat like royalty is included in this clever package from the legendary Zabar’s deli in New York City. At just $29, this caviar kit looks like it cost you a fortune, but we won’t share your secret.

21: Spaghetti tester

One-Pan Cookbook

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If his al dente noodles leave something to be desired, this tester and steam releaser (Amazon link) can morph your friend into a world-class pasta star. This makes the ideal gift choice if the pasta chef in your life also likes to fish, making this low-cost kitchen gadget a tailor-made gift choice.

22: Business Card Holder

Spoon shaped business card holder
This spoon shaped business card holder is likely to be coveted by office mates because it is whimsical and quirky. It’s crafted of recycled cutlery and holds 30 of your friend’s business cards in a very unique way, yet this fun find runs just $30.

23: Office organization storage straps

office cable organizers
These organization straps are perfect gift selections for at-home careerists who haven’t a clue which cable runs to the router and which interfaces a desktop computer with a printer. This $25 gift will be gratefully received, even by recipients who know their way around all of those wires and cables.

24: Golf club carrier

(https://www.thegrommet.com/products/rival-and-revel-silo-golf-club-carrier). For the “just getting into golf” person on your gift list, this handy organizer could be the least expensive product on the golf market at just $25, yet it constrains 3 clubs and tees — at least until your friend decides to invest in a golf bag.

25: Awesome Legwarmers

Colorful leg warmers
The coolest, most fanciful legwarmer/socks on planet earth can be found at Annie’s for $19. One-size-fits all, so no worries about whether they will fit your grateful girlfriend’s legs and feet.

26: Scream Painting Face Mask

The Scream painting face mask
Do your friends say that they are ready to scream because they want this pandemic to end? They need at least one The Scream Munch face mask to don when they go outside. Priced at $13, give friends fine art that encourages them to scream as often as they like (in private or public).

27: Cat Hair Book

One-Pan Cookbook

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Got a friend who won’t stop talking about her long-hair cat and the amount of time she spends vacuuming up his fur? Snag a copy of the book Crafting with Cat Hair. It makes the purrfect gift (Amazon link). Yes, it’s funny. Useful too, if you run out of craft projects.

28: Thor Toilet Paper Holder

One-Pan Cookbook

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If your friend was the king of toilet paper hoarding when the virus arrived, he deserves his own Mjolnir Thor Hammer Toilet paper holder (Amazon link), a homage to the sanitary product that everyone took for granted. Order this painted or unpainted and you will have to beg your friend to stop sending you Thank You Tweets.

29: Decision Notepad

Make a Decision Notepad
For around $8, help a friend who never met a decision he couldn’t struggle with by wrapping up a Make a Decision note pad. It comes with 60 sheets of paper for lots of ruminating. If your pal is especially angst-ridden, order the 3-pack.

30: Museum-worthy socks

One-Pan Cookbook

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These socks come in packages of 6, but it matters not whether your friend is drawn to abstract art or Mother Whistler (Amazon link). True to size and priced to please, choose artists your friend admires, from Klimt and Munch to Botticelli.

31: Matcha Latte Kit

Matcha latte kit
The tea lover in your life won’t want to share when she opens this indulgent Matcha latte kit that runs $16.50 and includes everything needed to make five blissful servings of this full-bodied caffeinated, organic green tea.

32: Tabletop Waterfall

Buddha Water Fountain
The calming sound of splashing water is likely to put your gift recipient into a Zen state for just $39 if you choose this relaxing tabletop waterfall.

33: Game of Thrones Coloring Book

One-Pan Cookbook

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Delight your Game of Thrones addict with a copy of The Official A Game of Thrones Adult Coloring Book (A Song of Ice and Fire) (Amazon link). The paperback version doesn’t cost a lot, so you can afford to add colored pencils or markers to the gift box when you wrap this book up for the holidays.

Bonus Gift

Tinder Nightmares book
Do your single friends frequent the Tinder.com website in search of soul mates? Let them know that their harrowing dating tales are commonplace by choosing a $12 copy of Tinder Nightmares, the essential read for today’s singles that won’t be duplicated. Include a chocolate bar or provide a bottle of wine. Either way, you’ll be truly appreciated.

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