Bald Cap That Will Regrow Hair With Lasers

laser bald cap
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This is a revolutionary baseball cap. A bald cap that can thicken your hair! There’s nothing else like it on the planet, especially for men and women who struggle with hereditary hair loss because this cap uses a patented Photobiomodulation Therapy (PBMT).

With 272 tiny medical-grade lasers emitting red light waves at 650nm buzzing around your head every day while you’re wearing it, there’s no question that this cap will grow your locks right back in no time.

It’s flexible enough to fit most any size head and has a soft silicone lining for comfort so you never have to worry about it digging into your skin. Throw on a few treatments while you’re fishing, working out, or spending the afternoon cutting your lawn.

This miraculous treatment might be able to get your thick mane back, and you will look stylish while doing it.

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A laser cap that helps restore hair growth. The active ingredient is light energy, which stimulates the follicles and encourages restoration of damaged ones. It has a flexible fit and a silicone lining for optimal comfort. Ideal for active individuals.

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