Adopt a Vintage Computer

IBM 5150 Personal Computer

Your parents were right. The retro life is where it’s at! Channel your inner child by adopting a vintage computer that’s been refurbished to the level of full functionality.

Plus, you’ll be giving back to the Earth by recycling (or adopting) a still useful computers or monitor.

The Vintage Computers section on eBay has hundreds of old working (and non-working) computers, monitors, peripherals, and games available. Even though they try to hide the link on the computers page, you can find something amazing to bring home and restore.

Imagine all the fun you will have loading a disk copy of Zork or getting all of the upgrades you couldn’t afford back when you were a kid.

If you’re on the fence about whether or not this is for you, we challenge you to try spinning around in an old school desk chair as nostalgia courses through your body heart.

Recapture the magic of your youth with a vintage computer! Bring back memories and explore new horizons.

Now you can let the past come alive with customizing the perfect retro computer for hours of working on or playing games in style!

Check it out ( varies )
Channel your inner child with a vintage computer that's been refurbished to the level of full functionality.

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