15 Best Gifts for Swimmers and Pool Lovers

best gifts for swimmers

Finding the perfect gift for someone is not always a simple task. You’ve celebrated numerous birthdays and holidays together and now you have run out of fresh and exciting gift ideas.

So why not consider treating him/her to some great swimming gear?

Whether you love taking on the lanes or simply sit back and watch, you can offer your special someone the pleasure of swimming this pool season.

If you seriously want to impress with your gift ideas, check out this roundup of the best gifts you can get for a swimmer. Your special someone will certainly have fun with these!

1. Swimming Goggles

Give the present of comfort and clarity during each swim with high quality swimming goggles.

You can get them swimming goggles that are designed with a soft frame and versatile nose bridge for a comfortable and secure fit.

2. Waterproof Fitness Tracker

For someone who is into fitness, give him/her the perfect way to track swimming success while still in the water with a water-resistant fitness tracker.

Such activity trackers can perform a variety of tasks, including counting distance and laps, monitoring stroke efficiency and recommending ways to fix it.

While these trackers are designed for swimming, they are also great for many other activities that your swimmer may be interested in.

3. Waterproof MP3 Player

You know your spouse loves his ear buds and MP3 players wherever they go.

So why wouldn’t they love listening to their favorite music underwater. With a waterproof MP3 player, your spouse can now swim to the rhythm of the music!

4. Swimmer’s Towel

Getting out of the swimming pools won’t leave your recipient shivering any more if your give them a quality swimmer’s towel as a gift this pool season.

Make sure you buy a ultra-absorbent swimmer’s towel because a standard towel may get cold and damp after being used numerous times hopping in and out of the water.

The swimmer’s robe could also be one of their favorite gifts. They are ideal during various seasons and near all kinds of water.

5. Swimsuit

Treat your special someone to a quality swimsuit this pool season.

That way, they can feel and look great in a stylish swim wear.

6. Remote-Controlled Skimmer

Turn your loved one’s swimming sessions into a more exciting activity with a remote-controlled skimmer.

hydro-net pool skimmer

She will be able to use this gear for chasing around floating leaves and other items.

You don’t need to yell at your kids to clean the pool anymore; they will always be looking forward to using this amazing toy.

7. Waterproof Smartphone Case

Give the gift of taking photos and videos underwater!

Although many smartphones are made to be water-resistant, a waterproof smartphone case will allow your pool-loving recipient to hop into the water and capture those exciting moments without worrying about damaging their valuable phone.

8. Ankle Swimmers Trainer

The ankle straps are adjustable for any age. The stretch cord is strong and can be used by swimmers of all skill levels to improve their technique, while the stainless steel connectors ensure they will last a long time.

9. Hair Conditioners for Swimmers

You can find conditioner that is specially formulated to get rid of chlorine, salt water, hard minerals and chemical odors from your hair.

This very useful gift will heal dry hair while leaving you feeling refreshed and healthy after use!

10. Flip Flops

After a long day at the pool, slip into these comfortable flip flops to relax your tired feet.

The EVA rubber sole and optimized straps will keep you feeling relaxed throughout the day with its sturdy grip that’s designed for superior traction on wet surfaces.

11. Mesh Backpack

A mesh backpack is the perfect choice for hauling all that drenched swim and workout gear. It features a spacious main compartment, mesh venting to increase dry time/drainage and reduce mold growth.

Lightweight and functional with side zipper pocket organization; built in water bottle pocket keeps hydration at your fingertips (choose from fun colors).

12. Competitive Medal Display

For the swimmer who needs a storage space for all of their medals, this easy-to-hang organizer is ideal.

Not only can it hold all those awards but also doubles as a cute decoration. Includes all the hardware required to mount it.

13. Swimmers Soap

This moisturizing aloe vera soap washes away chlorine and other pool chemicals to revitalize your body after long swims.

It is a USA handmade product is made in North Carolina and the company plants a tree with every purchase.

14. Funny Swimming T-Shirt

Here is something fun to wear outside of the pool. Now, these designs might not be for everyone so check out more options on Amazon.


Get your swimmer inspired by reading from the memoir of the most-decorated Olympian of all time, Michael Phelps.

Afraid the paperback might get wet at the pool? There are audio versions and well as a Kindle version available.

If you would like to see your pool-loving loved ones eyes light up with delight, give them any of the above gifts and watch as they mull over their next swimming session.

Need more ideas? Here are a few neat items from our catalog that are related to swimming:

The list of fun pool gifts to give your swimmer is virtually endless. Hopefully, the above gift ideas will help get your creative juices flowing!

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