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BBQ Dining Boat

Dining Boat with built in grill
You and nine of your best friends can grab the charcoal, kebab skewers and tool around the lake in style.

39 Foot Yurt

Yurt interior
Looking to stop paying rent? Then add a little Eastern flavor to your housing with this 39-foot Yurt.

Yes, Dear Button

Yes Dear Button
This button gives the perfect answer to any question, comment or command that your wife/girlfriend can throw at you.

Rotating Shoe Tower

Shoe Storage Lazy Susan
This shoe tower is large enough to hold up to 25 pairs - and it spins! The only question I have is whether I can double stack this bad boy!

Pooping Dog Lamp

Floor lamp with the base of a statue of a dog going to the bathroom.
They say that art is in the eye of the beholder and it's supposed to be provocative. But I'm afraid it might give my dog ideas if you know what I mean!